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How to Find the Right Outdoor Adventure Near Toronto this Summer?

Everyone is looking for things to do outdoors this summer and we all have our reasons. Some of us are looking for safe ways to spend time with people we haven't seen in a year, some of us are looking to get our kids, or ourselves, off those darned screens, and some of us are just desperate to break our routine and try something new and exciting after a year of hibernation.

In today's post we're sharing different adventure ideas, each one tailored to a different motivation for getting outside! Whether you're looking to reconnect with friends or change up your routine, we've got an idea for your next outdoor adventure...

Killarney hike

(i) The Catch Up with an Old Friend Adventure.

We all have close friends, family members and colleagues who have become almost entirely absent from our lives this past year. If you're looking for a safe way to reconnect, try sharing a day of hiking on Ontario's epic Bruce Trail. Enjoy beautiful views and get quality, undistracted time to reconnect in the comfort and safety of Ontario's beautiful forests.

(ii) The Get the Crew Back Together Adventure

Whether it's your book club, your poker crew or your travel buddies, groups of friends are built on shared experiences, laughter and memorable days and nights, all of which have been tragically lacking this year. Now that Ontario is opening back up, you can take a safe weekend trip and start sharing experiences and building memories again while exploring beautiful spots and trying exciting new sports! Check out Get Out Toronto's Multisport trips for more ideas.

(iii) The Escape the City & Get Inspired Adventure

If you're feeling cooped up and sick of staring at concrete, it's time to escape somewhere beautiful. To get off the beaten path and expand your horizons we recommend driving a little bit further than most and exploring the wild north coasts of Georgian Bay and Lake Superior. You can try a guided adventure in Killarney Provincial Park or a road trip up to the spectacular north coast of Lake Superior.

couple hiking near lake

(iv) The Give Your Kids (and Yourselves) a Break from Screens Adventure

We've all spent way too much time this year on Zoom, Googlemeets, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facetime... If you're looking for a surefire way to tune out your screens for a few days this summer, our number one suggestion is to spend a few days camping in the backcountry, where, thankfully, cell service and internet are the exception and not the norm. Check out our post on how to find campsites in Ontario this summer!

(v) The Break Routine, Try Something New Adventure

While you probably didn't get to try a new restaurant, bar or fitness class this year, there are plenty of unique outdoor adventures you can try for the first time this summer. From rock climbing to geocaching Toronto's backyard is filled with opportunities for discover new adventures and build new skills!

Ontario rock climbing

For more outdoor adventure ideas near home, check out Get Out Toronto's Summer Trip Catalogue now!

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