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COVID-19 Policy

At Get Out, your safety is our priority. We understand that choosing whether or not to travel right now is a personal decision which takes into account a variety of factors. If you do elect to travel, whether it’s just for a day trip or for a multi-day adventure, we believe that Get Out’s programs are by their very nature adapted for our current, unique, circumstances. 


Private Trips: Get Out adventures are always private. You get to pick your travelling partners, and to ensure that those who are with you on your adventure are your family and/or people you are otherwise comfortable socializing with in the current environment. 


Private Guide: During the course of your trip you will be accompanied by a private Get Out adventure guide. All of our activities allow the guide to maintain social distancing norms while facilitating a safe, fun and informative adventure. 


Transportation: All of our adventures are within driving distance of Toronto (as well as Muskoka & Collingwood) so you can avoid unnecessary flights, group busses and other forms of non-private transportation. For the present period we are recommending that all guests use private vehicles to travel to and from Get Out adventures. 


Outdoors: All of Get Out’s experiences are outdoor adventure programs, and you will be spending the majority of your waking hours in large, open spaces. 


Lodging & Accommodations: Get Out is extremely selective in choosing our lodging partners, and Covid-19 sanitation policies play a crucial role in our choice to work with a specific property. 

Staying Up to Date: Get Out is constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation and the guidelines of Ontario’s Ministry of Health to inform the way our trips are planned and operated. We will keep you abreast of any updates and developments prior to the departure of your trip.

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