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4 Reasons to Adventure with a Private Guide

As you plan your outdoor adventure experiences for this summer and beyond, you will be faced with the decision whether to book a professional guide for your trip or to head out on your own. There are some obvious cases where you know you need a guide, such as when trying rock climbing or white water canoeing for the first time. There are other times when a guide is probably not the best fit, for example, when planning a relaxing, romantic escape for you and your partner.

Get Out Toronto, Private Guide, white water
White Water Canoe Clinic with Get Out Toronto

In this post, we'll talk about 4 different ways in which a private guide can take your trip from routine to extraordinary.

  • Discover New Adventures. Adventuring with a guide allows you to try new experiences and explore beyond your comfort level. With the guidance of a professional guide you can rock climb, camp, white water canoe or mountain bike this somewhere, with no prior experience. Private guides also help you get off the beaten path to discover hidden new spots, trails and experiences so you don't keep going back to the same places. (Read more about the benefits of trying a sport that you are terrible at!)

  • Plan Less, Explore More. Booking a guided trip means you can skip the planning stage both before and during your trip. No long nights figuring out where to travel and no frustrating 'morning-of' hopelessly googling "best hikes near me" and wasting half of your long-awaited vacation doing research on your phone.

  • Stop Worrying, Start Enjoying. When you are out with a guide, the pressure of worrying about finding the trailhead, not getting lost, and keeping your kids engaged gets lifted off of your shoulders. Your guide takes care of the routes, watches the map, knows first-aid for emergencies and comes prepared with a variety of ways to engage your kids in the outdoors!

  • Build Skills & Knowledge. Like a teacher or a mentor, your professional guide brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your adventure. Whether you want to learn to navigate in the backcountry, build climbing anchors, or identify wild plants and animals, having a professional guide with you means you'll come home with abundant new skills and knowledge to bring with you on your next adventure!

Private guides, rock climbing, Ontario, Rattlesnake Point
Get Out Toronto guides teaching kids to rock climb.

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