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I've lived all my life in cities, growing up in Toronto, studying in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania and spending time in Jerusalem, where I worked as a lawyer at Israel's Supreme Court and in corporate-commercial law and venture capital. After days in the office I’d spend every evening, weekend and vacation seeking outdoor adventure. I studied with a military-trained orienteering instructor so I could navigate an unmarked trek in the Kashmir portion of the Indian Himalayas, bike-packed 600km across the Green Mountains and, after being inspired by climbers I met on a solo trek in Patagonia, picked up rock climbing, met my wife at a local climbing gym and proposed to her while hanging off of the top of a cliff at our favourite crag. 

Get Out Toronto was born out of the realization that an urban life with a busy job and responsibilities can also be a life filled with adventure and outdoor exploration. Microadventures, short but authentic outdoor adventures, are available in near endless supply in the backyard of every great city, especially Toronto! At Get Out Toronto we enable people with busy urban lives to integrate outdoor adventure into their calendars without the disruption of extended time off, hours of planning or complicated logistics, enabling you to explore more and plan less. 

Check out our Summer 2021 Trip Catalogue and let us help you get out more!

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Hi! My name is Noam Pratzer and I am the founder of Get Out Toronto.

Our Story
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Why Choose Us
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Convenient Adventure

Enjoy spectacular, fully-planned adventures right in your own backyard. No planning or disruptive time off required!

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Expert Guides

Our professional, licensed outdoor guides are there to ensure that you are always having fun, staying safe, and expanding your outdoor skills and knowledge.  

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Pick Your Pace

Whether you're looking for a casual weekend of hiking or you're itching to scale cliffs and paddle white water, we've got a trip that moves at your pace.

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If you're looking for something different and getting out in nature, then checkout Get Out's programs. I highly recommend them!”



—  Amanda Cohen

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