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How to Find an "Adventure Near Me"

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

If you type “adventure near me” into google, you’ll find a not so helpful list of local parks & attractions that you’ve either been to countless times or only visit if you are entertaining guests from out of town.

Personally, when I’m looking for an outdoor adventure, I’m looking for something that will surprise me, that has at least a little bit of unknown to keep things exciting and that will push me just a little bit out of my comfort zone so that I come home feeling rejuvenated and enlivened. When I don’t have time to travel far, I’ll look for an accessible adventure near me that provides a bite size chunk of the excitement of a far flung expedition, but that will have me home on time for dinner!

Instead of typing “outdoor adventure near me” into google this summer and coming up with a disappointing list of crowded attractions, here are some ideas for a day of excitement without going far from home or planning anything in advance!

Local Adventure 1 - Ontario Peak-Bagging

While peakbagging may sound like travelling to the Andes or Himalayas to climb rugged mountains, it is also a rapidly growing phenomenon where people seek to climb to the highest points in every city, state, region, county or country. Ontario turns out to be a great place to try peakbagging for the first time. Our province is divided into 51 counties and you can find the highest point in each county on this list. See how many of the 51 high points you can get to this summer! Remember to respect private property and don’t travel off trail without proper navigation skills.

Local hike to top of mountain

Local Adventure 2 - Follow a River to Its Source or Mouth

In addition to the three main rivers in Toronto (the Don, the Humber and the Rouge) the city is surrounded with endless rivers, streams, tributaries and brooks. Pick any body of running water, from a local stream to a large river and try to follow it, on foot, to either its source or its mouth.

Local Adventure 3 - Explore a Large Dark Green Spot on GoogleMaps

Open up googlemaps, zoom in and start moving the map around until you find a large, dark green area that says “conservation area” “national reserve” or “provincial park”. Then drive to that spot, find a trailhead and start exploring!

Local Adventure 4 - Learn a New Adventure Sport

Toronto is surrounded by cliffs for climbing, water for paddling, forests for mountain biking and trails for hiking/running. Challenge yourself this summer by picking up a new adventure sport. Find a friend who can take you along and teach you or check out Get Out Toronto’s Day Trips to spend a day with a private instructor learning how to rock climb, mountain bike, white water paddle and more!

youth adventure, mountain biking

Whenever you’re heading out on an outdoor adventure always remember to pack an extra layer of warm clothing, bring adequate food and water and tell someone where you’re going! For more local outdoor adventure ideas you can check out our feature in the Toronto Star or explore our website to find a guided outdoor adventure near Toronto!

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