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Noam launched Get Out Toronto in May of 2020 with a vision of enabling people to discover the amazing opportunities for adventure in their own backyard. While adventure was always in Noam’s spirit, his professional and educational background are diverse, ranging from law to economics to philosophy. Prior to founding Get Out Toronto, Noam clerked at Israel’s Supreme Court, and worked as a lawyer for four years, specializing in Transactional Intellectual Property and Venture Capital. Noam’s academic background includes a BA in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honours society, an MA in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a law degree from the University of Toronto. Noam also is in a perennial ABD (all but dissertation) status for a Philosophy PhD from the University of Toronto, which he elected to leave behind in order to start his professional career. Along the way, Noam also achieved ordination as a rabbi. 


Prior to launching Get Out Toronto, the outdoors was Noam’s personal haven from day to day life. From competing in triathlons to trekking in Patagonia, and from long distance bike trips to rock climbing weekends (Noam also met his wife at a climbing gym!), Noam found a rejuvenating force in outdoor adventure that he loves to share with anyone and everyone. Inspired by his own experiences Noam founded Get Out Toronto to enable people to integrate adventure more easily into their lives. His mission is to provide hassle free, close to home day trips and weekend escapes, that provide all the rejuvenation of a far flung expedition, but without the need to take off work and school and fly across the world. 

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Program and Operations Manager


Paul got his first canoe paddle as soon as he could hold it and has been adventuring outdoors ever since. He began his career in the adventure travel industry guiding whitewater canoe trips in remote regions of Canada at an early age, cementing his love for the outdoors. Paul continued to guide during his summer breaks while studying Geological Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He had the opportunity to go to Antarctica to study Glaciology during his 3rd year of university and jumped at the opportunity.

After completing his degree, Paul contemplated working in geology, but decided on a career that allowed for more adventure, exploration and paddling! Paul began working as an independent sales rep for a number of paddle-sport manufacturers, which allowed him to meld his love of the outdoors with the enjoyment he gets from instruction and sales. At the same time, Paul continued to guide extensively and instructed skills courses in stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and white water canoeing. Paul was excited when the opportunity to return to Antarctica as a geology presenter and kayak guide presented itself in 2013. After many seasons sailing in the Antarctic and the Canadian and European Arctic, Paul transitioned to an operations role, building a deep knowledge of adventure travel logistics to complement his guiding expertise. In 2017, Paul began working as a Polar bear guide on walking tours near Churchill, Manitoba, being drawn by the chance to have intimate wildlife experiences in a stunning setting. In addition to amazing wildlife experiences and the wonderful feeling of pure remote wilderness, Paul embraced the opportunity to connect with guests and share wilderness experiences with a diverse clientele.

Through his deep and broad experience in the outdoor industry, Paul has developed a unique combination of expertise as a wilderness guide complemented by a passion and talent for the logistical, operational and guest experience side of adventure travel. When presented with the opportunity to join Get Out Toronto, Paul didn’t think twice. Having grown up adventuring all over Ontario, Paul is inspired by the opportunity to help locals discover the opportunities for local adventure that got him started on his own adventure journey!

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